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Hygiene & Office Staff Opportunities

Please feel free to contact the individuals listed below if there are any current staffing needs in your office. Please contact us if you have any staffing needs that you would like listed on this site. We are happy to assist with placement of great individuals that are a part of our community.

Hygienist part time/temporary availability 

Diana Sandoval, RDH | 760-636-9489 | | Available Tuesdays & Thursdays

Didi Cuccia, RDH | 626-487-4077 | | Available Thursdays and Fridays

Sally Rusticelli, RDH | | Available Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays and some Saturdays

Nicole Kinstle, RDH | 760-327-4402 | | Available Wednesday through Friday

assistant part time/temporary availability


full time available positions and job seekers

Available positions

Dr. Love is seeking to add qualified RDH for 2-3 days in her office. She is looking for a RDH who wants to know what is expected of them, while earning a competitive salary in a professional and respectful environment. Please e-mail or call 1-760-836-1809.

Southwest Dental is seeking a RDH for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please contact Dr. Ovansians office at 760-770-0236